Falmouth Exeter Plus Library

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This application has been created by Library staff at Falmouth University and University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, to help library patrons manage their accounts and reduce risk of fees/fines for overdue items. This app will only work for students/staff with a valid library account with Falmouth University or University of Exeter (Penryn Campus) Library.This app should not cause any problems for your device. If you do experience any issues please email the Library with as much detail as you can provide concerning the issue.Notifications: when you set the notification period you are basically setting your devices alarm to wake up this app, at the set time, the app contacts your library account and updates its info on your borrowed items. A notification is set, for each item on your accout, to display 24 hours before item becomes due for return.Renewals: this app can request that your borrowed items are renewed. There are many reasons that an item/items cannot be renewed: renewal limit has been reached; your account has been blocked or the item has been requested by another patron. If an item cannot be renewed the app conveys this with a red cross. Please note that when All Items are renewed the app does (or tries to) do exactly that, this means that a renewal is done for all your items WHETHER THEY NEED IT OR NOT. The current limit on renewals is 10 for books and 2 for DVD/Video/overnight loans. If no one has requested your item you can return it (at the library) and then re-issue to yourself.App Functions: this apps main functions are to read/display your library account information, give notifications when your items are due to be returned and renew your items. Most other functions are either done by other apps on your device (e.g. email, phone and alarm) or by directing you to a web page opened by your device web browser (e.g. searching the catalogue or online payments): this app is not responsible for these web sites.If things go wrong: this app relies on network connectivity (either WI-FI or mobile data) if the connection is dropped the app may fail. In the event the app stops working please ensure you have network access and restart the app.